Enduring demand for Healthy Food OOH 

Food Standards Scotland are soon to publish their recommendations on actions to tackle Scotland's unhealthy diet.  Key is a focus on improving healthy options for food eaten outside the home. Not only is this a challenge, but also a massive opportunity.  How can suppliers reformulate their offer, or innovate to come up with alternative products?... Continue Reading →


What do I do?

This quick video summarises what I do - CLICK HERE... 

Top 10 Food Social Media Tips…

Yesterday, as part of my MSc Gastonomy, we entered the realm of Food. Our conversation was a good reminder of some key principles. Here are my top 10 social media tips:  Every business should have at least, a website presence. If nothing else, it protects your brand and let's you have ownership over your web... Continue Reading →

Morrisons local foodmakers

The recent political environment has highlighted our dependence on imported food. Morrisons are arguably leading the big supermarket pack on an attempt to increase the amount of local food on their shelves. Their Local Foodmakers campaign represents a great opportunity for small to medium sized producers to enter a new channel. Having previously been a... Continue Reading →

Rich Data…

I've been working with Martha's for a few years now, mainly advising on product development and social media marketing, along with some technical aspects. This year, we repeated an online customer survey. The result is complex data, but distilling this down to create manageable, useful data is key. This customer data is priceless, and helps... Continue Reading →

Partnership working…

The great thing about working with an independent management consultant is just that, independence. Independence doesn't mean working alone, rather bringing in the right experience for the project. Recently, I enlisted the assistance of industry experts, Bingham & Jones on a client project. A tightly managed brief that speaks their language is the key to... Continue Reading →

Testimonial: Devro

Working as a freelance consultant gives you the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients, on diverse projects. I'm delighted to be working with global manufacturer, Devro Plc. on an innovative project. David undertook a study for us to identify some new opportunities for our products. He quickly understood what we wanted and... Continue Reading →

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